Magnets/Open Mouths

How do you use a magnet on a partially open mouth? Is a magnet strong enough to hold a pacifier when it is placed behind the open mouth? Is there one particular magnet you use for this over another? Do you put the glue directly on the magnet and put the glued area against the vinyl or do you put the magnets together (on each side of vinyl) and then cover the magnet with glue?

I use the HUGE magnet that BB sells (costs over a dollar) inside the mouth. It will make any pacifier stick regardless of where you place the magnet inside the head. I just hold a pacifier on the outside where I want it and then drop the huge magnet into the head. Put E6000 on the vinyl in the spot that I need the magnet to be in and then repeat the pacifer magnet drop. when it is where I want it, I put E6000 on a silver dollar size circle of felt and put that over the top of the magnet. At this point, you should be able to get your fingers inside to press the felt to the inside of the face.


Thank You Pia, I have not yet put in a magnet so I really appreciate the help. So for Paci’s for open mouths use the big one for $1.99 each? Do you use the regular size on the paci itself or the rectangle one?

I like the rectangular one because I can Dremel the pacifier and put it in so it is flush.

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Thank You