Magic Chef oven

Hello gang! There has been a lot going on lately, good things to be precise. I finally got the paints that I need for Shanelle, and I’m baking her limbs now. However, I have a question about how long I should bake her limbs for. I got the Genesis ethnic paints for her, and I want to know how long I should bake her in my Magic Chef oven. Thank you again so much for all of your help. A new video is coming out shortly.

Wish I could help, I use Air Dry. Good Luck!

265 for 8 minutes is what I do

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I don’t have the same oven, but in my home oven I bake at 265 for 10 minutes with thinner areas like blushing, and 15 minutes for thicker areas like painted nails or tooth color…I think it all depends on your individual oven though. You should defiantly run some test parts through first to make sure everything goes smoothly.

You need to make sure the temp is right.My magic chef to get it to 265 i put it on 300 but yours could be different.Put a thermometer in to see if its getting high enough or too high
Takes some testing to get it right.Once right you dont need to change anything Also first bake when its cold i actually do 12 minutes as it takes ab out 4 to get up to the right temp…well i usually do 12 minutes on all my bakes now just to make sure