Maggie...I think she liked her!

Just wanted to post a few pictures of Maggie all finished up. I am so happy that Lyla loved her new baby! This is why I started on this journey, to make her her very own reborn. Now I just can’t stop.


Oh my goodness! Her reaction to the baby has warmed my heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That face!!! Her expression is priceless! :heart_eyes:

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It definitely makes all the time and effort so worth it just to see her little face light up!

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Most definitely! :heart:

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Oh my! Her reaction is priceless! And you did such a great job on everything!!! I even went to youtube and watch baby nest tutorial.

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Thank you. I really was simple to make. You should go ahead and try it. You can do it!


Priceless!! That’s how I got started making for my granddaughters. Lol and now I can’t stop either lolol

I loved her expression when she saw her baby!

Her expression is priceless, did you make the bed ? It’s pretty,


These pictures are great. The expression on her face says it all. She’ll hate this picture when she’s 16. lol

I love your Maggie and I love the picture of your granddaughter taking her out of the box…she obviously loves her very much!

Oh my goodness how adorable

So precious !

Adorable! :heart_eyes:

The look on her face is priceless. Made it all worth it I bet. And yes that’s how I got started by making my granddaughters and still going. Sorry but glad you’ve joined the addicted. Lol

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Those are amazing photos, that photo when she first sees her is payment in full, a full heart for both of you!

So sweet!!

She’s beautiful! I love this!