Maddie by Bonnie Brown

Just sharing my blank Maddie’s that are customs. I wasn’t really interested in this baby for myself but after seeing these kits in person, I’m leaning towards buying one for myself


I think she’s quite chunky, but she’s not Joseph 3 month chunky

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Oh my goodness, she’s so cute! I see she’s 24", just yesterday I was sorting baby clothes and realized I’ve got a stack of clothes for that size but no reborn that fits them. She may be just perfect!


She’s so cute! Those arms bother me though. They’re just sooo straight…


But look at the real baby. Apparently the arms were sculpted from the car seat picture. I think the straight arms work great with that face. :heart_eyes:


She’s not very comfortable to hold in a cradle position with those arms. At least for me while she’s blank, it might change once she’s got some weight in her


I’ve been seesawing between liking and not liking this one. Seeing the blank kits(and Sylvias version) really makes me like her :heart_eyes: Wasn’t sure about the straight arms but at the same time really love the rolls on them. I think you may have sold me on this kit :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh my! I love that kit! She is gonna be gorgeous!

Oh wow how cute!!!

For some reason to me it looks like her arms are to short and a lot skinnier then her legs

Do the arms look funny in person?

I really like her arms, you don’t see many reborns with straight arms


No,to me they match perfectly.