Have you seen Macrobaby Store Orlando? YouTube has videos. They have a reborn maternity ward. Breathing dolls up to $7000.

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The breathing one is from Babyclon… known for stealing sculpts :frowning:

They have many knock off dolls from China as well.

They have been buying babies from artists as well since at least June 2018 that I know of.

They bought 3 babies at my booth at ROSE. Before that I did not know anything about them…

A few months later they bought 2 more from me on reborns. com. (with a different card)

Then the bank filed a claim on the first card used (at ROSE). Isabella repaid me with the card used on reborns .com.

And all was “well”

(Well other than they mark the doll up way too high! They buy them for normally under $400 and sell them for around $1200 from what I have seen on the tags in videos)

They ordered another baby from me Friday… Paypal flagged it and held the funds. I called them and they said do not send the doll. I told them I had already sold 5 reborns to this store and what they do and that they resell in their maternity ward, etc. And he still said too many red flags show up on the side of the buyer and they advise against sending the item. He said if I chose to send it that if something happened I would not be covered by them because they told me not to send it. So I had him reverse the order and refund the money.


They purchased a doll from me as well and wanted to know how many dolls I could produce in a month. Interesting!

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I sold to them a while back as well. Wonder what the deal is with them and PayPal. :thinking:

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That’s awful to steal sculpts! I wonder if they credit you with having painted them at Macrobaby? I’m gonna check it out sometime soon. I sculpt 1/12 scale people and was scared to send to factory for production or even have someone else cast because they would possibly steal them. Does it say Macrobaby when they buy from you?

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The buyer email does say Macrobaby

Oh and I asked in an email if they send the COA and artist info/papers/cards with the doll when bought and they said yes. But I can not confirm that.

I dont know. I think maybe it just looks fishy… it is a man’s card (both cardholders for me were) and they buy a handful of dolls every few months…

The ROSE one looked fishy too… they bought dolls in person with a card… 2 women using a mans card. The bank didn’t know about it so they filed a claim as unauthorized… because their cardholder was not in Utah.

Which makes sense. In any other situation it looks fraudulent. lol

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Wow! Your dolls look beautiful! I’d buy them too :slight_smile:

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I went to their site just now. The mark-up is high. I wonder why they’re advertising what look like finished babies as reborn kits.

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I forgot about them listing some on their site.

They are from Brazil I think and most of them do not know much about the reborns at all.

What I see in their ads and commercials is that they have factory shelf dolls up to silicone Avatars I’ve seen on YouTube too. I live near Orlando so I’m going to take a look soon.

Oh No, was it Bluebell?

No. That buyer seems very sweet and I ship him tomorrow :slight_smile:


That’s good! I’ll ask while I’m there incognito :wink:

Yep she took the Avatar to Disney :slight_smile:

If they want to buy legitimate babies made by artists that’s wonderful. I however have issue with them selling babyclon and avatar. Babyclon are thieves. And avatar is a trademarked entity. Both wrong to produce and sell imo

I was in there a few weeks ago. They don’t have the Chinese knock off sculpt any more as far as I could tell. They had all actual reborn dolls except for the Babyclon doll and the Avatar.

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Just curious, how many dolls would you say were in there?

I’d say between 25-30