Macphersons sale

I bought two kits on lay-away during the 50% off Halloween sale, now paid in full but have noticed that the price on their website now is the same as I was charged as being half price. Is this right? I was a bit stupid in buying the two kits as they were not ones I was particularly after but got tempted by the idea of 50% off but now I feel cheated.

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It looks like some of the kits are still on sale/on sale again. One that I bought through the Halloween sale is now listed as “50% off warehouse sale”. I’m guessing they still had kits to move after the Halloween sale so the prices are still reduced to clear the excess inventory. :woman_shrugging:

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A lot of those kits never leave that section. The title of the sale just changes…Halloween sale, Black Friday sale, cyber Monday sale, warehouse sale…a few kits come and go from that section. Most are always there.


Huh? I didn’t know this. This is good to know. : )

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It’s the same kits every sale.