MacPherson gift card?

Has anyone ever ordered a gift card from MacPherson? Is it a digital card or physical card mailed to you?

I am assuming it would be a code or something

yes it is automatically e-mailed (to the one you used when you placed the order) with a code on it to use at the point of check out on your next order. You enter that code at the when checking out with your shopping cart and it has a spot saying coupon code that is where it is entered and it will apply the value on the card off your total.
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Thank you, Brenda @MacPhersonCrafts. My father in law ordered a gift card for me thinking it would be an actual card mailed to him. He has been in a tizzy wondering where that card is :smile:. I will tell him to check his spam folder.
edited:thought I should add, my FIL isn’t thinking very clearly these days with his cancer and pain meds.


if you can send me the e-mail of his name or any information we can cetanty send you the code to use to make it work for you.
it will Never be a problem being the core coup.
hUgs Brenda

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yes it is a code

not a problem…we will make sure you get it!!!
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Thank you again, Brenda. I’ll let you know if we need further help. :hugs:

@MacPhersonCrafts Brenda I am sending you a pm now.