Just received a few of the new MacKits !
I am in love with those faces, I think I will keep Willow for myself :smile:
So far, vinyl seem very nice, pale enough, a bit hard (just the limbs, heads are soft) and it smell good, like … sweet, sugary ? They are smaller than expected, both Ellie and Willow are supposed to be 19-20" and Sadie 18". Limbs are basic, not really up to the head for the realism. They are too big for the 2 smaller heads.
I can’t wait to paint them and see what I can do :slightly_smiling_face:

I have bought Serena by Tay Freitas, I didn’t know this sculptor but I am impressed by this sculpt ! Head is a bit weird shaped but it isn’t too bad. Proportions are perfect.


Thanks for sharing!
That sweet sugary aroma makes me notios when it bakes. I probably will not buy them just for that, so it’s good to know,


Don’t mind, I misread

I got the Emily and Mason kits. I can’t smell the vinyl due to not having full sense of smell post covid. I love the face on Emily but I agree smaller limbs would have been a bit better for her. It will work though. Mine did feel oily but I tossed them in the washing machine on hot short cycle with a Members Mark version of Tide Pods. Not sure about the color of the vinyl. It has a bit of that gray look to it and yet pink as well. Kinda like silly putty but not as pink. Will be interesting to see how they paint up.


I agree, it’s hard to describe the color. A bit greyish.

I remember when we had the gray undertoned vinyl years ago with BB it was very hard to overcome that dead look and make the baby look warm and alive. I am hoping these are not like that.


That little Serena looks so so cute!! Can’t wait to see your creations!

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