MAC bucks

Ah dang it! :wink:

All 4 of mine were before that date. Oh what luck. lol


there is Plenty of time … no worries.
I strongly advise to save up the MacBuck points
we will add more product as this grows.
Don’t cash them in…they are not worth much that way…but very worth will to use on product.
hUgs B


While your on here, could you just let us know when are the April payments going to be due? It’s sounds like some have gotten invoices but I haven’t. I don’t want to miss it! Thanks!

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we are way ahead of schedule as our person who does the invoicing is going away on a holiday next week to Europe. :slight_smile:
I asked her to get the billing done of April before she leaves.
Believe me there are many yet to be done so no worries … we have so many to do it will take some time.
Also…take all the time you need to pay. Honestly we have never even sent a reminder to anyone before 6 month’s of waiting unless we think they did not get the memo in the first place. We are very patient for payments. :kissing_heart:
hUgs Brenda


Thank you so much for updating us! Your customer service is always top notch :purple_heart:

no problem…I figured this would happen about April as we have so many to get done!! :open_mouth:
We had to get a head start on it.
If you asked me to hazard a guess what the earliest for shipping out April … I would say within the first few weeks of October.
PLEASE note the key word is GUESS…so don’t hold me to that.
WE can only ship out what is here and we also need the certificates to arrive as well. :wink:


thank you for taking the time to explain.
I want to also point out the what you end up getting by accumulating your points does not cost you any extra money…it is FREE with your points
We will be adding product but thought it would be really fun to start off with hard to find kits in the beginning.
it will take time to get that many points built up and it may seem like a lot but you still get your product as well as your hard to find kit for free at the end of it all. :hugs:


Wonderful! Thank you for the guesstimate. Gives me a chance to make room for her :flushed: :sweat_smile: