MAC bucks

How do you earn points from Macphersons? If i paid for 2 kits should I get points?

I believe it’s 1 point per 100$ spent. Not entirely sure though

Here are Brenda’s comments about them on a different post :slight_smile:


You spend a fortune to earn bucks and get a kit . I checked the kits and you have to spend like $2000 to get a kit but even more . Some need less bucks .

Yikes! Double yikes. Well, it should still show a point if I spent over 100 right?

There are kits of different value. Ferdinand by Karola Wegerich is 10 points. Aurora Sky is 20. Harper is 25. There are several others at those prices too. So technically you only have to spend 1000 to get a sought after kit. They are also adding smaller items at some point.
$1000 sounds like a lot. But the points accumulate with each purchase. (A $40 purchase one time will combine with a $60 purchase next time to get a point.) So…if you buy a lot of supplies from them, or if you buy their kits, you will be at $1000 in no time. I did the $199 Labor Day deal. Then my preorders for April and Tony came due. Once I get those paid off, I’ll be nearly halfway to Ferdinand already. Realistically, I don’t see a way to not spend $1000 on reborning supplies over the next year. If BB had a reward program, I would have enough points to get a free car by now. :grimacing:


Yes, since I live in Canada many orders are coming from there . But I ordered from USA as well. Depending on the kit. Laura Lee kits usually run out on they are site as they get a very limited amount.

I am assuming if Brenda would ad up all my orders true the years I would be in sock …he he …better don’t tink about it .

10 points sounds realistic …de 25 is a bit far away .

But I have to mention I do love love the small calendar I got from them beginning of this year. In my last parcel I got a free honey bug pacifier so I am not complaining .


Lololol yeah Im with ya. I just paid for two kits thats why I was wondering why no points showed.

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Keep us posted. Those points should show up. I wonder why they don’t. :thinking:

I preordered April - my first preorder lol -how do you know when the invoice is due ? Do they send an email ?

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Ok I checked -haven’t received one yet -I ll be on the lookout -thank you !

Who did you order from? I ordered one from MacPherson and one from Irresistibles. MacPherson emailed me an invoice on the 15th saying payment is due Oct 1. I haven’t gotten anything yet from Irresistibles.

macphersons :confused: -I clicked on the view my acct portion of the original email but it just showed my original preorder - I m gonna check about it -thank you

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It should be coming soon.


I’m wondering too I bought Chase Bonnie Brown there and preordered April and I have 0 points??

I am wondering if you go through paypal, if they do not show. The reason I say that is, I don’t think all my orders showed before when I was paying for chase at the doll show because I order all the time, lol.

On the other post Brenda said points started accumulating on August 18. Maybe she will tell us what it takes for them to start showing up. @MacPhersonCrafts.


Also at @MacPhersonCrafts do preorders count?

I preordered 2 Aprils… and just paid them off… but does that go toward points now or does it not qualify because the original order was before you started the macbucks?

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only orders placed on August 18th forward
no back orders, three easy pays, or pre-orders will count
all orders forward form that date.
hUgs B