Lyn's templates

Today I accessed BB forum from library where I do some volunteer work. I also looked at some babies, and while doing that I cam across baby for sale with really lovely template; on the bottom it said something like template by Lyn’s templates. I am almost sure I got at that listing from here, but when I got home I cannot find it.

I am thinking of finally, after all these years, having a proper nursery & professionally done template, and I thought I would not mind contacting this Lyn as this template was in the style that I would like.

Has anybody heard of this lady? Googling it did not get me anywhere.

Wonderful!!! Thank you, that is her !!!

She’s great to work with. I purchased all my templates and my logo from her.


Yes, that is where I got my template from and she also includes a matching birth certificate…not that I remember to print that out to send with the baby (but I need to remember to do that today in case I list these ones). She is very reasonable and will change nursery names for a minimal fee. I love the one I got. It’s her Quiet Time one with the crib and teddy bear.