OK, i just started to work on Lulu and I do not like her lips at all; the top one is much bigger than the bottom one, if you paint right to the rim. I have noticed that Mellisa Goerge did not colour in the whole top lip on her prototype, which looks bit strange to me. Evon Nather (the second prototype on BB) did but it does not look right to me either - maybe because she also gave the baby hare lip scar.

Did anybody else find it difficult?

I’ve stayed away from Lulu. I’ve seen her blank vinyl in person and to be honest, I could not get past the chin. I noticed that when she’s posed, it’s usually in such a way that her receding chin is minimized. I never noticed the lip thing but I’m sure you’ll manage to work around it. Anyway, people seem to love Lulu, so you should be OK.

It is not about being OK , people seem to buy all sort of horrors, it’s about me being happy the way I am painting the baby. And I am not happy when I do not like the way it is.
I should have posted link to the 2 prototypes BB has; just scroll right down for the second:

Oh, I’ve seen her, alright. When I wrote ‘you should be OK,’ I just meant that you have enough skill to work around any flaw in the kit and make her as beautiful as she can be. I know how it feels to try and work with a kit that you don’t particularly like, and you have all my sympathy. I hope someone who has worked with Lulu will jump in and offer you some pointers on dealing with your concerns!

— Begin quote from “CaliMel”

Oh, I just LOVE her lips! But I’m crazy.

I get you. The whole reason I’m letting go of my partially-done Shyann is that I just can’t get “into” her…no matter how I try. It isn’t one specific thing as in your case with Lulu and the lips, but yeah, I have had babies I just couldn’t enjoy reborning. Luckily it’s rare.

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Cooooperrrrrrrr (sorry, that haunting wail just entered my mind for some reason when I read your post!)

Call me crazy (yeah, yeah, I KNOW!) – I love Lulu! I even like her little receding chin and her lips are sooooo pretty. Evon’s version is the one I prefer, but both are darling.

My Lulu is deadly white. I gave her ochre wash to start with and was very happy with the colour it gave me, baked her and she is back to deadly. I remember my Cozy that I started painting before Xmas was like that, it took many careful and thin washes to get some colour onto her. When I followed the rather prominent contour of the lips I do not like it; will be taking the bit on baby’s left side of her lip off.