Lulu challenged me

Its a pretty sculpt, it should have been easy, but everything that could go wrong did. The upside is I got a lot of hair painting practice and learned a lot of things “Not” to do.

  1. Wait for the darn eye glue to dry before filling the head.
  2. Thin, thin, thin, paint.
  3. Don’t trust varnish
  4. Shiny is not your friend.
  5. When mottling (the face) less is more
  6. Know when to say "OK, I am done

So here is my Lulu. I don’t think she is a boo-boo baby but I know how many errors I made. I will do this sculpt again someday but I am so glad I am done.

Crusty, chalky, nightmare.

Me learning to paint hair


Her eyes are a little crooked, she has “dry” skin (cheeks) I over mottled cheeks and the varnish didn’t cure (baked 7 times until we got back to shiny). I kinda like her little dolly face.


We all go through this from time to time, it gets better.

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She’s a cutie! Which eyes are these? They look beautiful with her complexion.

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Thank you. BB’s baby blue/grey eyes, the plastic ones.

Lulu is a tough one! It gets better!

I like your hair layering. The eyes look great.

I like how you did her hair with the thicker strands over the rest, and I agree…beautiful eyes. For all the trouble she gave you, she turned out pretty cute.