My last blondie for a few weeks :wink: I see her as a boy, but I didn’t have any boy clothes for her, so she is listed as a girl for now.
Edited pics because the purple was making her look dark. She is awaiting better pics :wink:


What a cutie!! I have a real soft spot for blondies :orange_heart:

Also, she is not as mottled as she looks in the purple, so I will add these!



That hair is so gorgeous, I don’t know how you hit it out of the park every time!


She’s a sweet little girl.

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She looks so sweet and dainty! I love how you can see the veining on the head through the hair like you do on a real fair haired baby.

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Thanks :two_hearts:

Aw, thank you! She is so slender and delicate, you are right! I had such a hard time photographing her with the fair hair. Some of the detail doesn’t show, so I’m glad the veins do!

Thank you! She was a challenging one for me! I don’t feel like I knocked it out of the park but I really appreciate it!


She is beautiful as a girl, I love your blonde babies :heart:

I think she’s beautiful! I like the pictures of her in the white, so cute!

So cute! I love the wispiness of her hair.

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