Had my order all requested-lucky17 has been disabled= Whats with that?? I can’t ever catch a sale=Woe is me! I probably didn’t need any more kits anyway!

Doesn’t it begin at midnight?

I know nothing. But would assume it would start tomorrow, on the 17th. 🤷



I thought it was post midnight but maybe another time zone-will try again in the am-thanks all of ya’ll.

Coupon isn’t working :frowning: It says ALL day lol

I was trying to use it last night at midnight and when it didn’t work I figured it would start whenever it became midnight in Irrestibles’ time zone, but I tried it again this morning and it isn’t working. I wonder if you have to have an account to use it?

I have an account and can’t use it. We are unlucky today lol Even though I don’t believe in luck :blush:

I figured it out. Code will only work on a computer. I was using my phone and tablet, but when I switched to my PC the code worked perfectly. What a weird error.

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I’ve been on my computer…easier for me to see what I’m ordering lol…Almost 60 and need to watch out for my failing eyes sight LOL It’s working now…ty honey!

It just worked for me.

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It’s working for me too…just need to figure out what I Need lol

Worked for me this AM-I have an account if that made the difference.