Lucky and spoiled by my bb ladies❤️

I was lucky enough to to win the last 3 PIF’s. Which is bizarre because I haven’t won anything since 6 grade when I picked the right number and won a goldfish. Lol I have finally gotten around to taking photos of all the amazing gifts I received! I am so blessed. :heart:️my first PIF will be picked this Tuesday evening for Helens PIF. Next I received moonbeams package and I have a new PIF question ready to announce Tuesday night. THEN… The following Tuesday, we will do it all over again… For Sierras PIF! Thank you everyone… Now! Here are some photos!!!


My goodies from Helen! There was also a package of tea, which I drank. Lolol :flushed:


Now… From ms. October moonbeam…


And last but def. not least, our very talented Sierra! She handmade mitten the bundle baby, and sewed the black and white set… And crocheted a pea pod and a little hat!


I am so thankful for all of you… And I feel so spoiled also!! What luck! I think it’s bunny! My husband thinks I am stealing from him and buying all these things!!! I told him… No, I am lucky and loved❤️


With the forum changes, my pics come out stretched out:-( weird looking! Sorry! :grin:

Awww October:-) you have such a pure heart❤️


All such great gifts for your reborn babies. Even better if you have a little girl next Spring!!

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I know! My baby might have a wardrobe started!!! How do I use a pea pod? Lol

And it’s green, like a pea! Lol :heart:

Dang Nikki you got a haul GF! That looks more like a start of a wardrobe for boy or girl bunny! Way to go congrats!!


Lol not unless boy bunny dresses in drag! I think the ladies are thinking girl!


Great gifts piglet !!!

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Such awesome gifts :smile:

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Great gifts! I’m so happy for you!! :smile:

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I’m going to try! Maybe better in just a onesie!

I love that I’m your piglet​:heart:️:pig::pig_nose::pig2: I actually feel like a pig right now! I had mcdonalds for dinner ( yuck) and my belly is HUGE!

Nikki the pea pod is used like this

Best used for real babies (bunny maybe😉) they just curl right up in there!


Oh my god really? I can’t wait to try it!!! What if bunny is huge like Libby??? :scream:

Congrats Nikki!! I love all of your PIF goodies! You are Lucky and Loved! We all feel that way about you!

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