Luciano preorder

Anyone planning to preorder Luciano by Cassie Brace tomorrow? I think he is so sweet!


I want him but can’t preorder so I may miss out on him

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I think I’m going to have to pull some money out of my hat somehow and preorder him. He just looks so real!! Maybe I can ask Santa to pay off all my preorders for Christmas? :sweat_smile:


Oops he fell into my cart while looking!


I am working on her Ramsey right now and just LOVE him…I think I might need Luciano too.

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He is definitely such a cute sculpt!

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I hate it when that happens. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


this baby is irresistible…I ordered him as soon as I woke up this morning lol

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Im trying to resist but I don’t think its going to work :wink:

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I ordered one and then had to stop myself from ordering a couple more :sweat_smile:

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Do you guys think this is painted hair or mohair? I think its mohair…I cant see some out of focus hairs at the crown…what do yall think?:star_struck:

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There’s definitely some mohair there. You can see it sticking up on the side and the top of his head. Maybe a combination of painted and rooted. But my guess is you’re right, looks like mohair. Whatever it is, it looks incredibly real. :heart_eyes:

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Sooo amazing! How did they get it to lay so flat!! Haha

Spritz with water, brush into place and let dry. Of course directional rooting is a good start.