LTR Twin help

So I just bought Haley Andrea by Laura Tuzio Ross. (Below, not my pictures)

And, after purchasing the kit, I decided I want to make twins. At this time, I’m trying to decide which is better suited to be his/her twin.

Or Harlow:

Or neither? Any better suggestion?


I think you could do either and it would look great. The bigger lips on Dominic might be better though.

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I know but I think that Harlow has the sweetest expression!

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They’re both really cute but I think Dominic is a better match as a twin.

I love all of her kits . so beautiful

Harlow :blush: this one is awake but the mouth is alot like yours.

He is $100 on DALD (Harlow that is :wink: )

I think Harlow is a great choice.

So I’ve decided on Harlow and I’ll be buying her on Friday when I get my birthday money. But I just received my Haley Kit and I’m in love.

Side note: I added a picture of the “this kit is legit” sticker because I’ve never seen it before but I think it should be done more often