Lower the price?

Hi ladies

I’m wondering if you can give me opinions. I have had these twins listed on Etsy and on local FB market place for months.

Lots of likes. But no one is buying

I recently found out I will need a service dog. And so I lowered them to 300$ each. They have their own listings so can be purchased individually

I’m at a loss. Do I lower them to 250$ ?
Honest opinions welcome


Oh goodness. I hope you are feeling better. And thank you

Right. I decided to lower them to 275$ each. I’m needing to get my service dog sooner rather than later. Its going to be a year of training so the longer it takes me to raise the money the longer I struggle.

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Sometime a doll just does not sell easily, sometimes it just sit there. I had one that took a year to sell!!! Every few months I would look at the listing thinking there must be something that makes the doll undesirable, but nothing I could see. I listed other dolls and they got snatched up in a week. In one stage I changed clothes, and did totally redo the listing; not even many watchers. In one stage I had it well bellow cost, and then I put it back up again, and then suddenly it sold, and with good profit.

I think that offering the separately is a good idea; there are more people who have $300 than those who can afford $600 in one go.