Loving the smaller babies

Honestly did not expect to like Leif as much as I do. He is such a little peanut! Now I am wanting to do more tiny sculpts.


He’s adorable! I love the little babies too! If I were to recommend some I would say get Blessing by Marita Winters definitely. She’s such a realistic preemie with her skinny arms and legs. And mine sold incredibly quickly, withing 3 days of listing her. Another good one is Tink Brown, he’s little too and has a cute little tummy and awesome feet lol Hope you don’t mind me sharing pics lol


I don’t mind at all!! :heart: They are beautiful! I will keep those kits in mind for when I purchase my next kit. :slight_smile:

Maia Lopes is the cutest also but she’s a bit more expensive. Definitely get Blessing, she’s the perfect little kit. I hate painting kits more than once but she’s one I would happily paint again

Is Maia limited edition? I am thinking she might be but in all honesty I see so many kits during the day I get lost on who is limited who isn’t and who is who. :joy:

Yes she is LE of only 500 :confused: I hope I can get one before she sells out or I’ll be super sad lol