Loving My Reborn Baby

I have a beautiful reborn baby a newborn size bought from my friend who does them in NZ, he is gorgeous as I have had disappointing relationships & 43 now, not much chance of ever having my own baby so this is good, he smells of baby powder & weighted, u have to support his head too, some of my family think I funny, others love him, I love taking him out as I get heaps of comments, as he really properly lifelike, go to parks & sit on swing etc, take him for walks, visit my grandma in resthome etc, come home after a bad day @ work & so cute.
Everyone needs one of these. I not so jealous of my friends having babies now, sure helps.


Reborns are very therapeutic. I lent one to a friend who had lost her husband and told her she could keep it as long as she needed to. She said it really helped. Isn’t it fun to take them out? Can we see a picture?

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Show us his photo :slight_smile: