Love this face … 97.c0.m619
A very cute face and just look at how it started out! Love the hair on this one, sooooo babyish. Is that a word? Baby-like? Is that better?

Pretty baby and I like the hair too


Wow. Makes me want to dig my daughters’ dolls out of storage. That is an amazing transformation. Note to self: Keep checking Goodwill for dolls!

What a beauty - thanks Karen for sharing her - look where she started - just a simple little vinyl child’s doll and now a work of art for sure.

Gorgeous transformation…

wow I hope to be half that good some day

She is a wonderful job…wow!!! she doesn’t belong in the toy box anymore!

Karen, thanks for finding her! I can barely believe that is the same doll–exquisite! Unbelivably believable! How’d she do that???