Love Michele's proto of the new London sculpt!

She did a great job reborning her!!!:heart: … 0747634500does anybody else think she looks just like Avery?

I Love that sculpt!! She is so darn cute…

Yes she does look like avery! Real cute like a little princess

then…what is the point…we can still get Avery…right?
am I missing something?

Well - looks like the same limbs, but the face is a little different and I actually like this face better than Avery.


Yes she looks like Avery but she would be a great as twins or siblings that resemble one another. Lots of artists sculpt look similar. It is what distinquishes as their sculpting. My big complaint is that I want to see some new limbs. Denise sculpt beautiful limbs, wonderfully proprotioned and realistic, just does not do new ones for every baby kit she brings out, at the very least give us new arms with new hand positions. Some of my Mommy’s are repeat customers and do not want their babies to look the same but like that they look like siblings!