Love At First Saskia (blank kit pics)

It has been ages since I’ve gotten a kit to reborn and I must say…Saskia does NOT disappoint. I think she is so cute even in vinyl with no paint- as predicted her one outstretched leg is my absolute favorite out of everything :joy_cat: I thought I would share blank kit pictures in case someone had been considering her but wasn’t quite sure.

Size comparison with Miracle and Sabrina Rose (not painted by me LOL)


@Kimberly you can’t beat that leg lol! Thank you, I sure do- she is Sabrina Rose Kit by Ping Lau and was reborned by Linda Hill. I just love her :slight_smile:


Congratulations! I love Saskia, too! The straight leg was the one thing I didn’t like until I made her and now I LOVE it!!

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I rebonrned Saskia 3 times, love it


I love her too!
She’s going to come out great because of how passionate you are about her kit. Can’t wait to see your finished Saskia!!


@Kimberly The vinyl torso is unique- if you get the kit to reborn I would love to see your version!!

@AmyR777 Thanks, Amy- glad the leg won you over in the end LOL :heart_decoration:

@andik I can see why- I haven’t finished my first and I want another!

@katieperry Thanks so much, Katie- I’m hoping!! :smiley: :heart: