Just ordered Lou Lou. So excited about reborning this one!


Wow, she looks very real! Very cute kit.


I just preordered her as well for a customer. I thought about getting two but Im going on my vacation so I need to try to hold onto as much money as possible. I want to paint her but Im not totally in love with her that I would want to do two.


I had to tie my hands behind my back…but YES I ordered her, and a bunch more …


I’m so on the fence about this one. I like her okay but I bet she will be a great seller so I feel like I should get one lol. Joanna’s babies always seem to sell well.

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Ordered 2

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Joanna k babies are some of my favorite. I have not bought a new kit in so long but I’m thinking I need this one. Her Amelia is one of my favorite babies in my collection.


Will this be a limited edition??

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Yes limited and only a 3 day window to preorder in :slight_smile:

I asked :wink:

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oh, maybe I should order a few!!!

yep, me too


I got one

Who would you preorder from?

Irresistibles? Macphersons? Or Dolls so Real?

I am on the fence about her. She looks like many other sleepers; nothing stands out to me, but I know the details will be superior and she will sell out and sell well as a completed baby. Decisions, decisions :exploding_head: I am so bad at making them.


Anyone? I’m not sure who to go with

I prefer Macphersons

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I feel exact the same way, yes she’s beautiful but nothing stands out. On the other hand she will be popular. Oh I can’t decide either and time is running out :see_no_evil:

I ordered her:) Her silicone versions were the most realistic silicones I’ve ever seen, and they sold so high! I think that fact alone will make her a good seller, not to mention she is LE and gorgeous.


A few months later- checking in- anyone completed their Lou Lou?