Lou Lou kit disappointments

My kit comes in 2 two days. I’m super excited to receive her.

After watching You Tube videos and conversing with fellow artists and collectors, it seems like her kit was misrepresented.

Apparently her legs are more 3/4 and not full. And on one hand, her thumb looks more a finger.

Not sure if they received boo boo kits but I’m certainly hoping mine is not this way.

Any input?

I dont have any issues with any of the kit. There are tiny spots that I will need to remove a tiny bit of a vinyl flap on the toe nails but nothing to complain about. The longer thumb makes that hand hold your finger. The only thing I wish was a little different is the depth on the creases on the belly plate…


She’s cute, I can’t wait to see you paint her😀

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Looks like a beautiful kit to me Jenni. Can’t wait to see her all painted and dressed, she’ll be beautiful.

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I got mine too but only took out the head, can’t wait to start.
The wrinkles on the belly plate looked a little weird but it was ok

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Thank you so much for your input and the pictures. You have totally eased my mind. Now I really can’t wait for Sat to arrive.

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Oh boy. I shouldn’t have looked, because now I want her. Lol.


I love her! Now I want one!

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I got mine last night and the only issue I have is that I dont like the belly plate…other than that shes pretty cute.

Am I the only one not seeing a problem with the belly plate? lol I can’t find anything super “wrong” with it.


I dont like the creases and the deep indentation under the breast plate and fact that mine is flat as a pancake (that I can fix). I like the belly button :wink: