Lost package

I ordered a body from dolls by Sandy on 1/22. It was shipped on 1/23. Lost since 1/24. I have contacted about it on 2 separate times. Says they put in request to USPS but packages are behind. I have since made 4 other orders and all have arrived. Should I escalate through PayPal. I just need the body I ordered. I know it is not the shops fault but it has been a month and I don’t want to lose the option by waiting too long.

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If the tracking shows nothing since 1/24, I would make a claim on
It’s maybe not the shop fault but they are responsible to get the item you paid for to you.

Were your other 4 orders all from Dolls By Sandie? They’re in Pennsylvania and are having major weather issues.

Unless the rules have changed, you have 6 months to file a claim. I waited super long for a box from a different company. Tracking showed it in Customs for weeks. Thought it might have gotten lost but it eventually arrived. Good luck.

I would put in a claim, but send Sandie the money back if I eventually received the package.

Yes all 4 orders were from dolls by sandy

That’s really odd. Is there no tracking number on your order so you can contact the post office yourself?

Don’t worry my mail has been taking a lot longer too

Ask the company to file a claim with the postal service. They will probably tell you that you have to wait thirty days from expected date of delivery before a claim can be filed.

The post office is responsible for getting your stuff to you. That’s why those packages are insured so that you can get a refund from the post office if they lose your stuff.

I did twice and still nothing.

I tried but they said the shipper had to.