Lore, my little German toddler baby girl

I have always “coveted” this doll ever since it was released. To pay $500 for a doll is just too much for any doll. I checked on ebay for a year and searched in “Hildegard Gunzel” every day and a few days ago, I found my Lore for a fantastic price, brand new in box. I bought her with the Bill Me Later and so far, I have made enough sales to be able to pay that off. There were just too many watchers on her that if I hesitated, I knew I may loose a great deal and chance. I know how dolls at times do not look like their stock photos. I was prepared to be disappointed when the box come today. I was not disappointed. I was thrilled when I opened the box and seen her sweet little face. She has glass eyes and real human hair. I am not too keen on Gotz dolls but this one is definitely a keeper.

She’s darling! I love her wistful expression : )


I can see why you like her she is beautiful

Oh you lucky girl! I have always loved this face too! I have seen it on the sitting baby body and referred to as Mausi. I like this standing toddler version a lot!