Loop n middle rooting

I’ve seen videos of rooting, where some root with the loop. Some root from the middle of the hair. Rooting this way, does it make the head of hair thicker? Any rooters on here root with the loop or from the middle of hair? It it easier n quicker for you?

I use route a loop for eyelashes. It breaks the hair and also results in 2 strands per hole. I used to root from the middle when I was newer at rooting. It will be pluggy.


It might result in a fuzzy head if using for rooting the head. Half of the hair will not be facing the correct direction.


This is what I wanted to mention. Thanks! I couldn’t think of the right words… Anyway, I did root one that way because I saw it on a tutorial, and my poor baby has the awfullest hair! So frizzy. I keep a cap on him. I want to find a wig or something for him. AFTER I had done that I read about how it will be fuzzy as the hair grows one way and when doubled it will be going 2 different directions and will make the hair fuzzy. Like Lisa said.


I’ve rooted from a loop on my Harry Potter baby. I wanted him to have a thick head of slightly messy hair and it worked perfectly for him.
I don’t think I would do it with sparse hair.

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Thanks everyone for your response. I was just wondering. I root with the ends of the hair.

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I saw experienced reborn artists video to root lanugo when you loop it at the very end. It’s one single hair. I also rooted like this at the very beginning when I tried to learn, it’s much slower but more precise as you dealing with only one hair.

I use a modified root from the loop. I don’t think its pluggy but you need to use a fine needle and hair won’t lay down as flat as mono rooting.