Looking for Realborn limbs

Looking for Realborn limbs only - no head . I need one set for a 20" baby! Even if they’ve been painted, I’d be interested! Thank you!

I have a set of Lavender limbs, she’s 19" though.

I’ll definitely keep you in mind if I can’t find 20". Thank you!

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I have RB Landons- they need to be stripped. He might be too big though. I also have RB Lailas, but she’s smaller than 20.

Let me go look at Landons. Meg has a fairly large head and might be able to work with them.Thank you!

The difference in their head circumference is 1 1/4 inches. I’m not sure if that would work :thinking:

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Laila is smaller, but their heads are the same size. Not sure how that works ?

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Not sure either… maybe one is more stretched out?

I’d hate for the limbs to look too long /short

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