Looking for medium blonde alpaca or mohair

I have a customer who wants a light/medium blonde hair, mostly straight to a very slight wave - so Alpaca, but if you have mohair I’d be interested to look at it. I generally use J’s or Angora Motique, and I’ve also checked Slumberland, but all I’m finding is wavy! Ideally I’m looking to buy half an ounce~

P.S. Forgot to mention this order wasn’t supposed to be finished until May 1st, but the customer told me tonight she needs it March 1st. :roll_eyes:

March - May same difference they both start with M right?



LOL pretty much! I told her I’d do my best, but she’s fairly specific on the hair and I’m coming up empty! I messaged Jeremy to see if he’d have any that color for sale this weekend, but I work all day sunday, so I’ll probably miss it!

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