Looking For Either Slumberland or Delta Dawn Mohair

I’ve come to the point where I have to order mohair for rooting my first 2 reborns. I love the look and feel of Slumberland and Delta Dawn but don’t know where to order it from. Does anyone have any for sale here or do you know where I can order it from. Thank you in advance!!! :sparkling_heart:

I just ordered from dawn and just checked the link and she still has some available. http://deltadawnpremiummohair.com/JAZZY/

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Okay…Right now I have a raging headache and am still at a loss as to how order the mohair that I need. Seriously I’ve been on this computer off and on all day trying to order Delta Dawn from Jazzy and registered. Right now I still can’t figure out how to order on that site. When I try to sign in with my user name and password it says that its wrong! ??? I know its the one that I put in when I registered. So then I finally got so frustrated that I switched to the Slumberland site. Found the mohair that I wanted and tried to order it. I keep getting a message that says OPPS!! Can anyone tell me where I can order premium soft mohair even if it isn’t Dawn or Slumberland. I just don’t want any of the inexpensive course, fake looking mohair. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. One more question…I ordered rooting needles from BB this afternoon. Again have no idea what I’m doing but decided 40g would probably not make big holes in the babies heads but still be a good to start with. I kept hearing that I should order single barb. Went through all the of rooting needle descriptions and found 40g 3 edgesr and single barb on each edge. It was called a CROWN needle. I have a feeling that I ordered the wrong kind. Can anyone tell me what I should have ordered as a beginner? I don’t want to use anything that is going to leave big holes in the head. Honestly I am not a stupid person but today I definitely feel like one!!! HELP!!! :confounded:
PS: Sony72 and shandeni thank you so much for trying to help me. I really appreciate it

U must scroll all the way down the page on Dawn’s site until you see the buy it now button, either rot a half ounce or a full ounce. I didn’t have to register or sign in at all, not sure why it’s asking you to do that. Did you find the buy it now button on that jazzy site?

No I didn’t on either site…I’m going to go back again and see if I can find it…Thanks so much… :sparkling_heart:

Oh and slumberland was taking a break from selling and was supposed to be back in September, I just went there and it looks like she’s still not selling yet. It says oops, be back soon. So hopefully they will be selling again here shortly.

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Delta dawns is still available though, just scroll thru And look thru the colors then at the very bottom it will have 2 buy it now button, one for 1/2 oz, one for full oz, click which one you want and then when you are paying there will be a section to leave a note to seller, that’s where you will tell her the color you would like. Kinda do confusing, you would think you would buy next to the color you want but you Just go to the bottom after all the color samples and chose your amount

shandeni…thank you so much for your help! I was able to order it through Jazzy. Now that I know how to order it was really easy. Don’t know why I had such a hard time trying to figure it out earlier. One of the things that had me confused was not being able to find a place to order the color I wanted before buying it. Now I know to order after I hit the Buy It tab!! :girl:

No problem @JackieJo

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I just ordered from Slumberland - it was actually a couple of dollars less than Delta Dawn. I had to sign up for the Delta Dawn email list to be considered a purchaser. I have received a couple of emails from them since announcing a lot of mohair was ready.
Jazzy is one of the critters that was having her first shearing - there is other mohair that does not come from that particular animal, I think at a lesser price. I just learned all this myself.

On the needles, I just rooted my blonde, curly headed baby with a 40 crown needle. I mistakenly ordered some 40 regular needles (has 3 barbs per side, I think) which put the hair in in big plugs. The crown needle did the best job I have seen so far other than the single hook needle. The plugs that did come up were small, only a couple of extra hairs per hole. The holes also were small - I have ordered more of those.

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Yeah delta dawn listed 2 offers this morning for $39 for 1/2 oz. But only for 2 colors, one is a pale blonde and another is a golden honey blonde or something like that, Great price but I don’t like the colors


Thank you Luvbaby! I was really nervous that I had ordered the wrong needles. Phew…One more hurdle crossed!! My next hurdle is painting eyebrows…then on to rooting. :heart_eyes:

shandeni…I got the same offer in an email this morning from Delta Dawn! Even though I had already ordered some DD mohair last night I went ahead and took advantage of her sale and ordered another 1/2 oz in a different color. I just couldn’t pass that offer up! :slight_smile: I didn’t care for the pale blonde but I did like the golden honey blonde. Last night I had ordered the med light brown. Thanks again for all of your help last night!!

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I ordered from delta for the first time today honey blonde, normally when I get the email I have no money or I miss the email. So today I watched emails like a hawk. Score :tada::tada::tada:

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