Looking for an artist please

I’m hoping one of you lovely people can help me with my current situation here… I’m currently working with Make A Wish for my daughter, and she’d absolutely love Cammi by Ping Lau and a newborn. I’ve already reached out to Ping who wasn’t able to take on the task because she’s too busy. Totally understandable. I’ve tried searching on reborns.com but she hasn’t found any toddlers that she likes.

Would anyone be willing to take on the task of creating a toddler and newborn, and provide me with a rough estimate of cost? Thanks in advance!


I am available to do that, but need to know what kit to be able to do a valid estimate.


Cammi is BO everywhere, maybe if she look on MacPherson she can fin an other toddler she likes?
I don’t know when it will be available on Irresistable, they takes pre-orders.


She likes Kelsey from BB and Twin A and B. We’re still looking at toddlers since Cammi seems to be BO.


I have a Twin B available
They are in stock as blank kit at the moment, I can do a custom at the same price (more if rooted).


I have cammi for 200.00 plus shipping still in box it came in


Your Make a wish liaison should be able to figure all that out for you.

If make a wish pays for the kit I will paint it no charge. Who are you working with? If you have your Liaison call I would be happy to work with them.

PM me.

Take her to Mcphersons they have quite a few toddlers.


I make customs! Here is a link to my Facebook nursery Page if you’re interested.