Looking for a newborn kit with dimples

I have a new customer that wants a newborn kit with dimples. She’s also mentioned twins, one awake and one sleeping. Plus she wants full limbs. Is there any newborn kits with dimples?

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Melissa by Menna Hartog is a 20" sleeper with dimples. You’d have to change out Melissa’s limbs if you want full as they are 3/4. I THINK both Sunny by Joanna Kazmierczak and Pilar by Adrie Stoete have dimples. It’s hard to tell from their prototype pics and without seeing the blank kits. They are awake kits. Sunny and Pilar are on preorder. Macphersons has Melissa in stock.

Punkin is awake with dimples. I think it is an adorable kit.

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Thank you all for your suggestions, I’ll have to look them up and see if she’ll be happy with them!