Looking for a kit...please read details

Looking for a kit :smile:

18-19" , Open eyes, full body with girl parts.

There is any other then ESMe ??

I know Julien but it’s a boy and sleeping.
Any suggestions …looks like hours to search.

Thank you for your time:
Andy K.

Sheila Michael has Carmela and Dakota (Dakota is pictured as both a girl and a boy). Check Irresistables for them.

Thank you Pia… Dose are really cute. Any cheeper ? I don’t think…I can find… Nod and Blinking are to small…

I doubt you will find anything less expensive in a full torso kit.

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Ok thank you for your help

Lovelyn Awake by Ping Lau- but yes going to run into the cost problem

Thank you all!!!

I think all of these are full body: http://store.dolldreams.net/LDC-Soft-Line-Doll-Kits_c_122.html

Found these as well: