Looking for a good GHSP tutorial

My daughter wants to try GHSP and I cannot find a recent tutorial from start to finish. I found her a Nuwave oven for $20, never used! I only paint with air dry so I’m at a loss. TIA

When I first started off, I watched Customdollbaby on YouTube and learned from her. She has tons of videos. Here is the link


Wow! She sure has a lot of videos. Is there any that are shorter and just basic. My daughter is 14 and has the attention span of a fly!

Are you looking to buy or free? Custom doll baby is excellent

If she is truly interested she’ll pay attention :wink:

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We are going to give her a try! Thanks :slight_smile:

Sue-Ellen does an amazing job with her videos. She has beginner videos… She presents them using Ultimate Fusion paints but tells you what to use with ghsp.