Look who got a new

Christmas outfit and who didn’t!!! Good thing Sam will soon have a new Mommy, maybe then I’ll get new Xmas clothes!!
Hugs, Tessa Clair

poor girl!!! shes so sweet

Hurry up and get that girl here! Auntie Joy will go thru the stash of fabric and get her a new Christmas dress! Poor little darlin! First you make that new one and flaunt him…then you don’t even get her a Christmas outfit!!! BAD BAD!!!
BTW… Barbara Noelle, Ellery Elf, and all the other babies are anxiously waiting for Auntie Barb to come love em up!
Sam is really really cute…great job!
You are a terrible over achiever! To have a Christmas tree up and decorated? Good grief girl! Obviously this where our “sisterhood” seperates us! LOL…The big baby Cuddles is still in his Halloween bib! I felt so “together” when I found it! LOL
Hurry up and come before the babies have a fit and meltdown!

Ha!!! I’m a bad momma…really Joy ??? ROFLMBO, tell poor Cory in his Hallowe’en bib that his Mom bought him brand new overalls and plaid shirt for Xmas!!
Doesn’t Tessa make one teed-off little babysitter LOL!
I always have my tree up the day after the Santa Claus parade, which was on the 20th this year LOL!
Yes, Tessa will come with me to Michigan to see everyone!! Can’t hardly wait to see the border guard’s reaction to a toddler LMBO!!! We can hardly wait!!! A new dress would be awesome!!
Hugs and kisses from Barb and Tessa Clair!!

Thanks, Katie…I adore Tessa, I could never sell her, she’s so much fun to pose and dress!!!