Look who came to live with me! (Lots of pictures)

A certain little someone came to live with me. :wink:

Gaius (Saskia) and Adriel (Chloe Blick) wait expectantly. They know who is inside.

Gaius isn’t too sure about this… He was hoping for another brother… If it is a brother he reasons why on Earth is his blankie pink?

Little Baby Feet!!

The boys think those are some strange eyes!!!

And here’s the baby!! Mary Ann by Natalie Blick. Painted by the extraordinarily talented Emily’s Dream Dolls @portraitjumeau . Her name is Poetry Anne. That way when she cries the boys can say the PA system is going off again. :wink: Her eyes were changed out from the originals Emily had. Still really pretty though!

Reunited at last. :slight_smile:

Gaius says how is she going to play ball and get dirty? This is not what he signed up for…

I wanted to thank @Angel for a lovely box opening and the opportunity to bring this little girl home. :smile:

Someone feels like a lonely little petunia in an onion patch…


Oh congrats! I am tickled to death that you found my Maryanne out there somewhere! Incredible how they all look like true siblings! Thanks for sharing!


They’re super cute together!
Hope the boys get used to having a girl around. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very cute

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Congratulations!! They’re all adorable!!

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Aww! Such a cute photo story. Thanks for sharing and congrats!

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Thank you guys!!

I am totally in love with her