Look what happened to my max

I have another max kit

But wouldn’t have time to finish him

I was going to take him to rose doll show to late now

Oh, Alice, how sad! I’ve been on rooting all day and haven’t taken the time to use my lamp…now I’m glad I didn’t.

Oh no , I almost melted the fingers …they stay strange now so he will be a keeper…and I do not mind :slight_smile:

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What if you tried to sculpt a nose onto him? Like take the booboo off with a Xacto knife (very carefully) and sculpt on a nose! You will probably have to repaint it, but it’s better than not having anything, right? I hope this helps!

Oh no! So sorry this happened to you! Was it like the lights used inside the head to heat? What wattage was the bulb? I bought a salt lamp cord off eBay and use it to root, it’s been a life saver but after rooting so long I sometimes forget these can melt the vinyl and mine will get quite warm when I am zoned out rooting. I have to remember to turn it off and give it a rest every so often but it’s still better than heating the rice sock every hour!

Oh Alice!! I am so sorry :frowning: I hate your little Max melted.

What day do you plan to be in Utah? Are you still going?

So sorry. His painting and rooting was perfect. :cry::cry:

I am so sorry. That’s really terrible. I am also sad that you are not able to complete another in time for the show!

I was going to suggest pulling the hair out too.

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Oh no! He was looking beautiful too! I’m so sorry :frowning:

we are leaving Wednesday we will be there Wednesday at midnight I will see everyone Thursday at the baby shower wish I could have took Jackie rooting class

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I feel sad knowing what an amount of work you did, and seeing the great results of your painting and rooting …bad when these things happen…so sorry.


he was a real beauty, and that rooting! well what to do now? sometimes you just have to laugh … and cry. maybe use him for practicing a fantasy doll for a little something different.

I want use heat lamp on max anymore lesson learned

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I’m so sorry @alicekay56!!! I love @GrammysReborns idea!

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Oh no!!! I am so sorry!! :scream:

OH NO!!! Soooooo sorry :disappointed:

He is a sweetie. I’m sorry that happened! But you know, there are actually babies sometimes born without a nose. Maybe cut it off, sculpt a flat piece over it and sell him that way?

here’s an example I found on Google Images.