Look it's Cuddles!

I was looking a baby pics on the web and came across this one. Looks just like the BB Cuddles!

article says she was only 5 weeks old in this pic too!

http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scott … es-1292953

You are right! That is so funny! Too bad it isn’t always that easy to do a kit match!

WOW!!! 1 1/2 weeks that baby looks huge for that age!!! She does look like cuddles!!!

I was looking at the wrong text when I said 1 1/2 weeks but that is the other baby at that link. This one is 5 weeks old. That is still a lot of hair for 5 weeks.

WOw definitely looks like Cuddles!!

That is amazing. I wish there were alot more kits out there that would be as good a match for other babies.