Look at this little thumb sucker 😍

Have y’all seen Gideon?! I neeeed him :heart_eyes:


Sooo cute! I love him!

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Oh my goodness this fella is definitely going on my list to do!

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I love him! On the AA baby pics tho it looks like the mouth is closed but the others show slightly open to suck the thumb


Very cute! I imagine I’d have a very hard time painting inside that mouth, though!

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The second Gideon’s mouth is different. Are there two versions?

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His mouth is open. But it’s not like the typical gaping open kits. It’s just a slit. Not sure what the inside of the mouth looks like.

I really like this sculpt too, what I’ve seen of it. How many people have seen this one in person now?
I think the angle changes how the mouth looks?

@quiltsabunch You’ve done this guy, right?

Yes, I’ve painted him. He sucks his thumb and can take a paci with a cut nipple.

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