Look at this Juliana as a boy

Isn’t this the cutest little boy? He’s not mine. I just think he’s adorable. I found him on reborns.com.


He’s so happy!

He is cute! This is a sweet sculpt too. :heart:

Warning, I’m going to vent a minute :sweat_smile:

I don’t really get why this baby is so pricy tho. I get that he’s a bigger baby, painted with GHSP with rooted lashes and he comes with a layette but it still doesnt rlly seem too logical.

It looks like his eyes are acrylic or something other than german glass. They are positioned wonky too but some people prefer that.

His hair is painted and while it does look exceptionally nice, it’s not “amazing”. To me, it doesn’t look like $900 hair. He doesn’t seem to have too much detail or coloring either. Could be lighting 🤷

If people are willing to pay that much than hey, that’s not my business but imo he doesn’t seem worth the price.

Idk, it’s something I’ve been keeping my mouth shut about…I must be tired… is it 1:40 am for anyone else :joy::sleeping:

Sorry if this seems rude at all. Not my intention. I know you were just trying to share his sweet face with everyone.


Definitely a cutie!

The artist seems to sell all her dolls for a lot of money. I personally wouldn’t buy them, as the ‘no returns’ policy seems rather harsh when the pictures don’t show close ups of everything.
But if she can make that much money of off her dolls, power to her.


So adorable :heart_eyes:

so cute!!