Look at this haul!

As many of you know, I won @JackieJo 's P.I.F. Look at the great haul she sent me. My favorite is the little sleep sack and the eyes and eyelashes. You probably can’t see that clearly as I had trouble getting all this stuff in one picture! Thank you JackieJo!

I will not be doing my PIF until I get back from ROSE, but will do one promptly when I get back! I made a sticky note about it so I won’t forget in all the excitement, LOL.


Wow. Neat stuff. :smile:

Beautiful …enjoy !!!

How wonderful and generous.:smiley_cat:


Wow, nice!

Congrats. Very nice!

OMG I love those shoes! What brand are they?? That is a great haul!

I really like the shoes!

How sweet!

I just love these PIF’s. I can’t get enough of them. They are fun to get and fun to do.

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Great stuff!

Nice ! Love the little romper and shoes lol