Londyn & Easton

I really love the London prototypes I haven’t seen a lot of them showcased on here. I’m just wondering what some people’s opinions are of her. And does anyone ever see her go on sale? because I try to check the discounted kits frequently and I never see her on sale.

On another note I had been waiting for Easton to get back in stock and they’ve him changed now I know he’s bigger but I think he looks different. Still cute but different. Has anyone reborned him since they released the new version and what are your thoughts on him?


I reborned a Londyn kit, she was great, I like her alot.


I haven’t done Easton yet but I do have a custom order for him and his kit here…He is big…but I think he is adorable and will be really sweet reborn…IMO…lol We all have our own taste…

I did londyn years ago as a girl and a boy…she makes a very sweet fat little baby…always thought she would make a cute tripllet with Aubrey and Avery…lol I have seen her go on sale on and off so I do know she goes on the specials…


Beautiful job westernstarr :grinning:

I have created Easton. Easton is very large. Lol I do like Easton but I couldn’t image like trying to root such a large head. I am very tempted to create another Easton.


Awwww thankk you :kissing_heart: …they are oldie goldie photos…had to dig back in my archives to find them…lol…getting harder to remember which years to look though to find them these days… :grimacing:

Beautiful Cierra! …love your Easton…

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I love your Easton, I think I would want to try painting hair on him, I will have to practice a bit before I attempt that though.

I love your little Londyn bunny! I don’t know why but to me Londyn is all girl, I just don’t see her as a boy. But you do beautiful work as usual.

Thank you so much. I couldn’t imagine rooting such a large head. :smiley:

Thank you so much.

Thanks I think she makes a cuter girl too… :smile:

Occasionally (not since March 7th). I love her. I have one in my stash waiting her turn. I think I will take her to ROSE with me… that is if she is cute once done… lol :kissing_heart:

Anyways I dont know if you have seen that I update a post frequently with the sales kits? Here it is…

Aww,these are all so cute! It makes me want to reborn them too! :slight_smile:

I love Londyn! She might be my all time favorite. I started her over Christmas break and since back with work have not got to work on her aside from deciding she needed a tummy plate. Here is mine so far.


She is beautiful so far, great work

Just did easton not too long ago. I like the little one better, but still cute.