Lle journey *update*

Got my invoice yesterday!!! (I ordered from lle website) soo excited! Just got my tracking number *and que happy dance!


Congratulations! I just paid mine. I ordered from MacPherson’s. My Christmas present to me. :heart:️

I got mine from lle website,also my Christmas present :wink::blush:

Me Too, got mine yesterday from LLE.
Didn’t say when shipping would occur though.Did any of you get an estimated time of when they’d actually start shipping?

MacPherson’s said that Laura said they could ship on November 3rd.

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Oh that’s not far off at all. I’m really looking forward to getting this little one.

From my invoice - Journey by Laura Lee Eagles is now in stock and this is your balance
We have been told that Journey is allowed to begin shipping on Friday November 3rd
We truly do appreciate your business…thank you so much!!
hUgs Brenda & All the Mac Girls XOXOOX

Oh wow. I wonder why Laura’s invoices didn’t say anything. Would be nice to have an idea of when they’d be shipped out.