Little video montage of all my babies up til now

I’m always needing pics of my past babies in one convienient place to show to people easily, or sometimes, I even just like to look back and see how my skills have progressed. I been meaning to do it for a while, tonight I finally made a quick little video slide show of all my babies from the first one all the way up til now. My sugar’s not on there cause her heads still drying from being sealed and stuff, so I’ll have to update it later when I get her pics, but I’m up to number 11 with her being absent, lol. Anyways, hope you like it HOPE you notice the improvements, lol. Some of the first ones are almost laughable but still…special to me

Very nice indeed !!

Love the video but slow it down a little…I read fast and I had a hard time keeping up! I’m almost scared to post pictures of my first ones! But then all I see are the little boo-boos I made. You have some beautiful babies!

Fun to see all your babies… Great little clip…

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Did you take it down?

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oh sorry!!! I moved it to my youtube channel I started just for my reborns…it’s skiesofblue0610…so sorry I forgot to come here and give a heads up about that

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Is this it?

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yes thats it!!! thank u


Shows you how little youtube I watch (since we can only use 10G a month) I didn’t realize you could pause it to read it! DUH!!! I’ll go back and do that so I can get a better look!