Little Ricky from I Love Lucy

Do you have a kit in mind that would resemble Little Ricky? My mother is a huge fan of I Love Lucy and her birthday is next month so I want to surprise her with a doll.



Little Ricky was played by Keith Thibodeaux. He also played on The Andy Griffeth show as Johnny Paul Jason. What many do not realize is that as an adult he played drums for a rock band called David and the Giants. After the band broke up, Keith later became a christian. Then he led the leader of the band, David Huff, to Christ and later the rest of the band. They all got back together and toured in the 80s and 90s as a christian rock band. My husband and I met at a David and the Giants concert in 1987. We have seen them and Keith Thibodeau many times in person back when they used to tour.


That is so neat! I totally did not know that. I never really looked into the show deeply. I just watched it along side my mother and grandmother. I remember wanting to go see Lucy and cried when I couldn’t. I really need to take a few hours out of my day and really look into the show and cast.

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Oh My Goodness!!! I didn’t realize that…and I took my youth group to see David and the Giants…TWICE!!!

I’m so glad I saw this!!!

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For the first picture I see David or Freya by Tina Kewy


I see David too. And he’s cheap at MacPherson. :slight_smile:


That is an awesome story, Anj, thanks so much for sharing!

I agree! That is almost like a twin!

Going to order David in just a few! Thanks y’all. :slight_smile:

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The 2nd picture looks like BB Ladybug.



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There actually was a Little Ricky doll out in the 1950s Took baby clothes so baby size I had one
Was when Lucy just had him in real life.

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Oh really?! I will have to look around on eBay and such to see if I can find him. I didn’t know they was a doll like that. I don’t think my mother knew… She didn’t get into collecting dolls until I came along.

Didn’t even think of that kit! I will have to make a older one of him for her too. Thank you ma’am.

The little Ricky doll wasnt as nice as these reborns are of course just a toy doll.
i think it had painted hair .Eyes open and closed i think weighted.
I remember asking my grandma could i buy a baby sleeper or sonething fot it .I dont think i got one lol

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Is this him? Quick Google search led me to this picture.