Little Ole Ladies say the funniest things

I am happy to say my Grandma got to come home from the hospital yesterday. She is 92 and I have had her in a prayers request with the rest of my family members. Sorry i got off subject. I just have to share with you what she said. She has always been what my Grandpa calls a “corker.” She would up having some spot cut off of her side and one off her face since she needed then taken off and she had been on IV antibiotics for a while and this seemed the prudent time to do it. The Dr., Who I wont even try to spell because I would butcher her name, came into the health food store my Aunt owns and my Mom works at. When she found out that this was my moms mother she laughed and told my mom my Grandma was sure a spunky little lady and there is no account to what might come out of her mouth next. I asked, “Oh no what she say to the Dr?” My grandma told her, “Well now I growed rocks in my body, I wonder what’s next, sticker bushes? She said my momma used to tell me not to stick things in my mouth cause things would grow there and I never thought she was right.” For anyone who does nto know the background, she had stones and had some stuck in her bile duct and they had to do surgery. LOL Little Ole Ladies say the funniest things.

LOL! they do say funny things, uninhibited, I think? Old enuf to get away with it? the other day, my 80-yr. old Alzh. mom told the nurse at “day care” when the nurse pushed the wrong button to open the door, “Maybe tomorrow you won’t be so dense.” MOM!!! Then she obsessed all evening about saying a mean thing to that good nurse, and couldnt wait until the next day to apologize. I’m sure the nurse has heard worse!

I know in order to establish if someone is oriented to person place and time. One of the suggested questions is… Who is our president? Well one little lady answered that question in a way I will never ask a little old lady again. LOL She was right but oh boy… I try to ask different questions about the year.

SOOOOO happy to hear that your Grandma is HOME! WHEW!!! A “corker” she is and let’s hope she stays that way!

And Rhonda, your Mom just tells it like it is…LOL!!!