Little Max

So. For a while now I wanted Max, but he was sold out and I don’t have a lot of money for dolls. I told myself I’d have to wait until he got back, and then I’d only get him if he was on sale. This morning I woke up to an email from BB saying he’s back. Of course he’s also on sale.
Then I told myself, I want to sell my monkey first. Of course, someone just bought him.
Now I kind of have to, haha.
I wanted him to make a little baby Jesus as a Christmas decoration. I’m not very religious, but baby Jesus just should be there at Christmas time.
I think God really wants to see me make a little Jesus. :joy:


ABSOLUTELY! Meant to be! :smile:

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I was going to make a Moses baby in a basket etc. But I chose Cozy and he ended up so big that I couldn’t find a basket big enough that didn’t cost a fortune. Good luck with baby Jesus…hope you can find a manger for him.


I’ve been thinking about using my old wooden doll crib. Or asking my dad real nicely to make one. He’s good at woodworking.

Good idea. St. Joseph was a carpenter. LOL


Haha, true. The doll crib was also made by my dad, my mom made the bedding. I never even knew until a few years ago, haha.

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Nooo, I waited until I got off work to order and now he’s no longer discounted. :sob:

It’s a sign from God!

Came across this awhile back, don’t know who made it but I thought it was adorable (I believe it was for a nativity scene, hope they don’t get mad)


Cute! Is that Nod?

yes, I need to search and find who did this.

He was back on sale. Had to be a sign! Ordered him right away. I’m so happy!