Little lost elf

i have listed a doll on ebay i started the bidding at 99 cents. just for a change. the first question i got was why did i pierce the ears if i made it a boy. i thought there wasnt a rule to who got their ears pierced anymore as i have seen both. what are your thoughts on this should i answer, hubby says no, bidders know what they are looking for and at 99 cents they can take them out !. thanks for any help … :MESELX:IT

hi im glad you said that i could nt believe the question either so i thought maybe i shouldnt have done that lol marlene

i guess the bidder that looked at it says its a boy i also think it could have been either but i guess i did a no no and pierced his ears . lol


i must be going nutty as well no that was a pat moulton baby , not sure why i said berenguer i think age has something to do with it lol. marlene

i am not that good with computer dont know how to do that. any help appreciated thank you marlene

thank you for the information. appreciated it very much marlene